Stealing at Hunt High School

I did not use the word theft to title this article for I did not think the thieves here would comprehend it. I wanted something that would catch their eyes. Something quick and easy for them to read. Yes, believe it or not, things get stolen everyday here at Hunt but it seems to get swept under the rug or you get the impression from your teachers and resource officer that its something thats going to happen and to just accept it. It should not be a common thing for $300 phones to go missing out of book bags or even school laptops that we, as students, have to pay for. The thefts also include wallets containing money that many students work after school to earn.

Not only are students targeted, but teachers have also been affected by the thieves. In a school with over a 1,000 students it is often hard to catch the thief unless you are closely watching your possessions.

As a student here at Hunt, things have to change. Larceny is a state and could potentially be a federal crime. The thieves are too comfortable now in this environment when they find it safe to just reach in book bags in the middle of classes or swipe a phone charger out of the wall. They have to be reprimanded but with the oversized student body, its almost like an endless maze making it seem impossible of locating stolen property. I can now refer to Hunt as a secret black market. Its just like how the saying goes, if you know the right people you can buy anything.

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