Career Research Project

By: Ryan Kruse

Career: Financial Manager

Career Overview

Financial Manager take care of the budgets and investments for companies. They are responsible for keeping the company out of debt. The name says it all; they manage a business's finances.

Helpful High School Courses

High School courses that will help prepare you for a career as a Financial Manager include: Accounting, Banking and Finance, Computer Applications, Economics, Intro to Business, and Probability and Statstics.

Skills and Abilities

To be a successful Financial Manager, you need to be able to do these skills: Communicate, Reason and Problem Solve, Use Math and Science, Manage Oneself, Manage People, Manage Time and Things, Work with People, Work with Things, and Perceive and Visualize.

Working Conditions

A Financial Manager experiences a high level of contact with other people. They almost always work indoors. It is important to be precise, and you may have to work long hours occasionally.


For a company to hire you as their Financial Manager, you usually will need to have experience in the field and at least a Bachelor's Degree.


In Minnesota the average annual salary for Financial Managers is $106,180. In the entire US the average annual salary is $107,160

Employment Outlook

The Employment Outlook for a career as a Financial Manager is not very good. In Minnesota it will be hard to find this career, and in the rest of the US it is not much easier.

Related Occupations

Occupations related to Financial Manager include: Accountant, Financial Adviser, and Economist.

Programs of Study

Ideal programs of study for a Financial Manager include Finance and Accounting.

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Program: Finance


A Finance program will prepare you to manage money for people and institutions. You will also learn to manage stock, bond, and security holdings.

Program Admission

To get into a Finance program you need to have a good GPA through high school. It is also important to do good on your ACT or other college entry tests. The better grades and scores you get, the more likely you are to get into your preferred program, including Finance.

Typical Course Work

If you get into this program, expect these courses: Business Law, Business Writing, Calculus for Business, Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions, Intro to Accounting, Intro to Management Info Systems, Intro to Marketing, Principles of Management and Organization, and Statistics for Business.

Related Programs

Programs similar to Finance include Accounting, Ag Economics, Business Economics, Business, Economics, and Mathematics.

Schools That Offer This Program

Schools offering this program include Bemidji State, MSU-Mankato, SMSU, St. Cloud State University, Winona State, Gustavus Adolphus College, Macalester College, and Augustana.

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College: MSU-Mankato, Finance

Location and Enrollment

Minnesota State University-Mankato has a Finance program. The school is located in Mankato, MN, and has an enrollment of 15,606 students.


MSU-Mankato is a 4 year public university. It has a rural setting in a city of about 52,000 people. It is Co-ed.

Admission Requirments

To enroll at MSU-Mankato you need to have a high school diploma or GED. Enrollment is rolling at this college. You must have taken the ACT, and preferably are preferably in the top half of your class.


A Finance major is offered at this school. MSU-Mankato is accredited and has a Student-Faculty Ration of 25:1. Typical class size is from 25-30 students.

College Expenses

Tuition costs about $7,532 for in-state students. Room and board costs about $6470 a year. One year will cost approximately $16,000.

Financial Aid

The deadline to apply for financial aid is March 15. Forms required include the FAFSA or SAR. There are a variety of scholarships available to students including University, Private, and New/Transfer scholarships.


On campus housing is available, but not required. MSU-Mankato has five residence hall complexes with options for room and board, room only, or board only. There are a variety of plans available for food.


There are a large variety of clubs and organizations to choose from; over 200, including Greek Life. MSU-Mankato competes in Division-II athletics (except for D-I Hockey).

Campus Visit

Monday - Friday tours are given twice a day, appointments are preferred.

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Plans To Reach My Goal

The following are the steps I plan to take in order to reach my goal:

1. Continue to get good grades in school and have a solid GPA

2. Challenge myself with college-level classes

3. Take classes that are related to the Finance program

4. Get a good ACT score so I can get into the college/program I want

5. Research more colleges to see if there are other options that I might like better

6. Go on campus visits to multiple colleges so I can compare them to each other

7. Once in college, get solid grades

8. Find a job related to my major with opportunities to advance within the company

The End

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