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Started: March 27th 2014

This page will be used to document my progress on my website that i will be making using

The beginning of the website

Day One (Thursday March 27th): To make my website I set up an account at I began laying out the basics of the website, getting all of the modules in order and ready for more information to be typed in. As for formatting, I reflected the website off of the outline of my paper. There is only one "page" on the website which will be the Home page where all of the site's information will be held. Other things that I did were choose a theme or color scheme for the site, choose fonts, and began looking at images to insert that pertained to the information.

Day Two: Photos
Day Two: More Modules and Photos
More Modules and Pictures
Conclusion/Citation Modules

Day Two (Tuesday April 2nd): Added more modules to the website so it can display more information, also added pictures. Added a Citation/Sources module to display where I obtained my information.

Began typing in information for modules

Day Three (Wednesday April 3rd):Began typing in information, some from paper, some from the internet as new information. Most of it will be from the paper, but written differently.

Day Four (Monday April 7th): Finished typing information, now the project is nearing completion. Day Five will be used for fine tuning and readying the project for grading.

The Website is complete! I zoomed out to fit most of the site in the picture.

Day Five (Thursday April 3rd): Typed in Conclusion and readied paper for grading.

Conclusion: Making this website was a challenging and adventurous task for me. The reason I say this is because I have never created a website. Making one that is aesthetically pleasing and conveys the information in an efficient way is difficult to do. Creating this website has also benefited me in a way that will help me in the future in pursuit of  my career goals.

Website: I was going to use a Button to make this look more neat, but for some reason the button just wasn't working. So here is the URL to the finished Website :

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