3 Great Things!
January 2015

Tips and Resources to kick off 2015 right!

Great Thing 1:

The newly redesigned Moodle Demo Course (moodle.waynecc.edu Login: use wccguest as username and password) is a terrific resource for current and prospective students who want to know more about the nuts and bolts of online learning. The course looks and operates like a live course with opportunities for students to submit assignments and participate in discussions. There are also sample units from a range of online courses which give students a clear example of what they can expect. Login to the course and see all the changes- then share it with anyone who might be interested.

Great Thing 2:

Created as a resource for prospective students, the Online Course Information page: http://www.waynecc.edu/distance-ed/online-course-information/ is a growing collection of online course information including time commitment, textbook, and other information to assist students in making an informed decision about online courses. The page is also a great resource for faculty advisors aiming to ensure students are aware of the realities of online courses.

***Want your course information added to either the Moodle Demo Course or the Online Course Information page? Contact the DE Department for information.

Great Thing 3:

Professional development opportunity! All WCC faculty have access to and are automatically enrolled in the updated WCC DE Professional Development course.  From now on, all DE workshop materials will be added to the PD course, along with a short quiz. The fall sessions on Academic Integrity and Accessibility are live now. Read through the content, and take the quiz. Remember to track your professional development on the internal website. PD completed in this course is credited for the same amount of time as the live sessions. These first 2 units are worth an hour each. Watch for additional training sessions throughout the year.

Bonus Great Thing!

Don't forget- there's a great resource to help all students get started once they are registered at WCC. The Distance Education page: http://www.waynecc.edu/distance-ed/has terrific information to help all students, not just those taking online courses, to navigate setting up their username and password, order books and explore Moodle. The information is found on the WCC website, the DE page simply brings it all together in one place.