Mesopotamia is located between the Tigris and Euphrates river.Also it is in Asia  and you can also see from the map in the bottom where it is located.Mesopotamia was the ancient name for what is now Iraq.

Our Advantages

    Now,I am going to tell you three advantages that we have in Mesopotamia.The first advantage we have is that we have art.We use art to build houses which is call  architect.Also we have music,we use a instrument call lyre.We use the lyre to please the gods.

    Our second advantage that we have  is that we have social  structure.We use social structure to get jobs like kings,scribes,priest for the ziggurart,craftsmen and so much.Also people were judge by there jobs like Kings are in the top ,but if your are a slave then you are in bottom.                                                                        


  Now our third which it is the irrigation system.A irrigation system,they use the irrigation system to clean the water and to stop floods for happening.The type of irrigation system we use are aqueducts,levee,canals,dams,and so much more.So just because I said three doesn't mean there is more because there is so much more.

My last reason why you should come is because we have great laws created by King Hammurabi.So the city is safe from bad people.An example of his law is if a builder house makes it fall in a person and makes them fall ,he would have have his hands cut off.

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