The Federalist #10

"We behold a republican remedy for the diseases.."

Summary and Significance

To summarize the Federalist #10, we need a republic instead of a democracy. Doing this would prevent factions and the harmful effects they have on a Union. A republic would enlarge the view of the public, and would also cover the great extent of the country.

This document was extremely important in our nation's history. It convinced its audience that a republic would be better than a democracy as our form of governent. It eventually helped lead to the ratification of the Constitution in New York, which helped it pass and ratify in the other states as well.

Both the image and song above have connections to the overall message in the Federalist #10. The image, while harsh, proves the importance of controlling factions, because if we don't, who is to protect the minority? For example,  who'd protect the minority of blacks in Mississippi surrounded by the majority of racist whites? A republic would not allow that majority to create ridiculous laws based off their own beliefs, and would push out that faction's view for the view of the whole country. The song, just explains a minority and basically says that the minority is important too. That is connected to the document because controlling factions allows the minority to live their lives and voice their opinions as well.

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