trust :)

(a sci-fi story)

One day, a mountain climber named Leo climb a mountain. it was a huge mountain. when Leo is near to the summit it was already night and obviously it was dark. but he continue to climb because he was very desperate to get into the summit. Suddenly, the rain falls and the mountain get slippery. His feet accidentally slipped and he fell, but he managed to hold on to the rope. He don't know what to do. he just hol on to the rope tightly and he cried and said:

"Lord, save me"

Then he hears a voice saying:

"Give up the rope"

But when he try to look down, he can't see anything because it was too dark, so Leo stoll hold on to the rope..

(At Leo's house)

The family of Leo was already nervous and slightly panicking because the rain was heavy and he's still not going home. so they decided that when morning comes and still Leo is not going home, they will call a rescue team and find him.

When morning came, the rescuers found a dead frozen body hanging on the rope with it's feet just 5 inches away from the ground.


People do believe in God. but the question is, do we trust Him?


NOTE: pls. pardon me for the grammatical errors. THANK YOU :D