High School English Mobile Apps

Five different mobile apps that could be used in a High School English class  

Shakespeare Pro

This app has the complete works of William Shakespeare, including his 41 plays, as well as his sonnets and poems.  Shakespeare Pro has a number of great features, including a glossary, customization settings, and the ability to create and share notes.  It's available as an iOS app and an Android app.

This app could be used in any high school English class that studies a work of Shakespeare. It would be very useful  for all students in a class as a supplement to face-to-face lessons because it allows users to create and share notes, and creates a more interactive experience.  The glossary feature could be a great tool for students to use, especially when working through the texts on their own time when they don't have the opportunity to ask the teacher for clarification.

Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge is an iOS app that creates prompts to help users with creative writing. Once you press start, the app gives you a prompt to get you started, and then a minute later gives you another prompt to keep your creativity flowing.  

This app would be a great tool to use for any high school English or junior high Language Arts class.  Educators could use Writing Challenge to help students complete in-class writing assignments and spark creativity.


VoiceThread is a tool that allows users to create audio presentations against a backdrop of photos or diagrams.  VoiceThread can be used online or through the mobile iOS app.

This app can enable students to create engaging presentations either individually or in groups.  VoiceThread is a great tool for students to use in several subjects and grades to create presentations. For a high school English class, VoiceThread could be used to create a photo essay.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is another presentation tool that allows users to create and share presentations across different devices and social media platforms. Haiku Deck is available as an iOS app and a web app.

This app is another tool that students could use to create presentations for school projects.  Like VoiceThread, this app could be used in a number of different subjects and grade levels.  It could be used in a high school English class to create a presentation that could supplement an oral report on a particular text or piece of literature.


Socrative is an app that allows teachers to set up quizzes, questions, or games in class for students to respond to on various mobile devices, which then gives real-time feedback to the teacher.  This gives teachers instant feedback about whether students in a class understand a concept.  The app is available for iOS devices, Google Chrome web apps, and Android devices and there are different versions for teachers and students.  

Socrative is another app that could be used in various different classroom settings. The real-time feedback is very useful for teachers to evaluate whether more time needs to be spent teaching a certain concept.  This app could also be used in a classroom to review for an upcoming test or assignment.

All images used were taken from each app's iTunes App Store Preview page.

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