Paint a Picture

Lydia Dunsbergen 4-16-14

I grew up
in an insignificant town.
Friends and family
all around.
But I knew
that my little world
fit into a
bigger picture.


A picture with
waves crashing
at the shore,
and tornadoes
barren plains.

A picture with
car accidents,
plane crashes,
and missing soldiers.

A picture with
and prisons.

A picture with
on top of
gay marriages.

But wait,
there's more!
A young girl
for someone else
to change the world.

She's captured the ideas.
Embraced her talent.
Established her voice.
Fought for words.

So why the hesitation?
Couldn't she
change the world?

His bright
blonde hair,
and deep
chocolate eyes,
could snatch up the world,
taken by surprise.
He could change the world, 
if he tried.
After all,
he is a leader,
in disguise.

Why aren't they changing the world?

This world
needs a helping hand.
Don't they see?

You know what?
I'll solve
the mystery!

Everyone knows
pictures are worth
a thousand words.

So, let's design
a new picture
to color.

A picture with
and hot sandy beaches.

A picture with
laughing kids
on spring break vacations.

A picture with
roller coasters,
and carnival rides.

A picture with
golden sunsets,
and lush mountains to climb.

I'll stand up
tall and proud.
Face my fears.
Conquer the crowd.

Don't just sit there,
and be that girl
for someone else
to change the world.

Don't be that boy
that hides
behind closed doors
because he doubts
that he could
change the world.

Open the door!
Speak loud and clear.
Show the world that
you are here.

Fight for what's right
and don't back down.
The war isn't over
'till only God
wears the crown!

Don't listen
to a word they say.
Don't let them
lead you astray.

You've captured the ideas.
Embraced your talent.
Established your voice.
Fought for words.

Don't stay quiet!
Let yourself be heard!

a brighter picture.
One piece
at a time.

All you gotta do
is follow
this rhyme.

Grab my hand
and we'll battle
'till the end.
Breaking down
closed doors,



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