Triangles, Triangles, and more Triangles!

Are you stuck in Geometry class wondering how to measure a triangle? Do you teacher thoroughly explain how to measure a triangle? This website helps measure 30-60-90 triangles, 45-45-90 triangles, determine whether a triangle is similar or not, and helps find the ratio of a similar triangle.

45-45-90= This means 45+45 equals 90 , this is simple: all you do is take one side and make that number as the other side, because the two legs that are 45 degrees are the same angles. For instance, 10 is on the short leg, and 10 is on the long leg, in all the hypotenuse is going to be; 5 squared.

30-60-90 Ex. If one leg is measured 5 mm , and the other is left unknown then add 5 more which equals to 10, and on the hypotenuse, since there are 3 sides, you have to put on the hypotenuse as 5 square to 3.

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