1st Annual GHS Library Senior Bake Off

Thursday, June 4th
THEME: Summer Vacation - give us a dessert that you believe represents summer

Rules & Regulations:

Students from the Class of 2015 are eligible to submit one delicious, home baked entry into the contest.

The year's theme was selected on Tuesday, May 26th from the following possibilities:

  • 50 Shades of Chocolate - any and all chocolate is eligible
  • Summer Vacation - give us a dessert that you believe represents summer - 2015's Theme
  • Fruits of Your Labor - gotta have fruit in the mix
  • Collegiate - give us something that represents what you are doing next year
  • Raising the Bar - anything that can be cut into rectangles works for us
  • Cookie Wars - battle of the yummy flat disks
  • What's Up, Cupcake? - mini cakes

Interested students will need to let Mrs. Gergen know by the end of the day on Friday, May 29th of their intent to enter the contest.

On Thursday, June 4th all participants will need to drop off their entries in the library by 8:30 am, using the guidelines that follow:

  • All entries should have at least 24 servings.
  • A brief description should be typed and include detailing about how the entry fits this year's theme.
  • All entries should be tightly wrapped on disposable ware.
  • Please also include a typed listing of all ingredients used in your yummy entry.

The prize is really just bragging rights, but you never know, we might be able to come up with something for the winner.

Feel free to use the comment stream below to talk smack, but keep it clean folks.

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