Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society

McDonalds, everyone knows what it is. McDonalds is the world's largest fast food chain. According to wikipedia McDonalds serves 68 million people everyday in 119 countries across 35,000 outlets.  In the documentary Super Size Me directed and produced by Morgan Spurlock explores a very fast growing issue in today's society. The issue is unfortunately obesity.

Obesity is represented in the documentary Super Size Me by the director and producer Morgan Spurlock. In the documentary he did a social experiment where he would only eat McDonalds every day for 30 days. (breakfast, lunch and dinner) His purpose in this experiment was to see and show the effects of what fast food outlets such as McDonalds can do to your physical and emotional health and hopefully change people's minds about eating fast food. Spurlock points out the emotional problems he had when he didn't eat McDonalds he would say he felt like "shit" when he didn't eat it. This just shows how McDonalds is extremely addicting and life changing once it's a part of your lifestyle routine. It's very obvious what the physical effects of Mcdonalds is. It makes you obese, in the documentary it states that 1 in 4 Americans are overweight.  In the last few minutes of the documentary Spurlock wakes up from his sleep at 2am feeling really hot, heart hurts and couldn't breathe. These are some symptoms that people that are obese people feel on a daily basis, and it's not humane.

Obesity isn't a funny matter, it's a life threatening matter. A shocking 2.1 billion people in the world are too lazy to do anything about their weights. Obesity is becoming more common in today's contemporary society and it's becoming common very fast. The rate of obese people is rapidly growing. The main problem is that popular fast food chains such as McDonalds, KFC and Subway are opening in way too many locations which are all too close to one another. This causes kids and adults to want more of these "glorious" foods because it's just there and very convenient to get. Instead driving for 5-10 minutes until they get home and cook a home cooked meal, which is no doubt a lot healthier than getting a $5 burger from McDonalds. Another problem with contemporary society is that people are getting lazier and lazier which causes people to be fat and obese. In the documentary a 14 year old girl was quite overweight, leaning onto the obese side of things couldn't "afford" making her own sandwich for lunch but can still afford to buy McDonalds. Proves a point how this shows that Americans are way too lazy to do anything about their weights and it's quite obvious.

Overall the documentary made a massive impact on Spurlock as a person and the people around him.