Ancient Egypt

BY: H.Quezada

This is the sphinx of Giza.Behind it is a pyramid of Giza.

The pyramids of Giza may not be the three hugest pyramids in the world, a lady went on Google earth and saw what may have been a pyramid bigger than the three pyramids of Giza.

There is three pyramids of Giza and a sphinx.

This is a mummy from ancient Egypt.The body is still well preserved.You can even see the eye lids if you look closely at the picture.But what is weird is that how can paper preserve the body so well.I shouldn't say paper it is a more special type of material.

Here is a painting of what they did in mummification.Well what I think what they do at first is that they take all the organs , brains , and eternal organs out first.After they take out the organs and stuff then they put the paper material on the dead body.

This is the Nile river. Back in Ancient Egypt it was very clean and beautiful, but now its very ,very dirty people bathe in it , people poop in it and, they even trash it up.

This is daily life in ancient Egypt. Right now I believe that the moms are watching their kids. Also there is many more stuff in daily life. For example hunting, crops, and divison of labor

This is the geography of ancient Egypt or a map as you could say. As you could see it shows Egypt, Red sea, Nile river, and the Mediterranean sea.

This is the last but not least it is religion in ancient Egypt. These are or that I believe that are all of the gods. Another word for this is the study of all gods. Now there is another word Polyythesym. I 'll give you three examples of the gods 1.Anubis



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