Ancient Japan has many things in their culture. Such as fashion, literature, visual art,architecture, Preforming arts, and religion.


Nobles had wardrobes full of silk robes and gold jewlery.Women wore long gowns made of twelve layers of colored silk cleverly cut and folded to show off many layers at once. Nobles also carried decorative fans.modern day Japeneese fasion is much like the rest of the world. Wearing stuff as such as platform sandals, Jerseys, etc. there is not any simularities with an hienz and modern Japan, the Japeneese dress more like the western culture.


Nobles took great car of how they spoke and wrote. Women wrote dairies and journals about their lives at court. Women wrote in Japanese unlike men who wrote more in the Chinese style. Lady Marasaka , she wrote The Tale Of Genji. Many historians consider this to be on of the worlds first full length novels.

Visual Art

Nobles of heian liked bright bold colors and paintings that resemble stories

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