Jew Timeline

Lana AlSayed

2100 BC to 800 BC

2100~ Abraham leaves Ur (A country in palestine)

2000~ Jacob/ Israel was born

1910~ Joseph was sold into slaves

1600~Israelites journey to Egypt to avoid famine

1446~ Exodus Begins

1406~ Israel starts to establish itself as a country

1280~ Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt

About 1000-1020~ Saul becomes the first king of Israel

960-1000~ David is the king of Judah and Israel

1000~ David, king of Israel, captures Jerusalem and makes it the capital of Israel

960-925~ Solomon becomes the king of Israel and builds Yahweh Temple

925- Shesonq sacks Jerusalem

922~ Israel divides into two kingdoms: Judah and Israel

876~Omri rules Israel

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3 years ago

Im pretty sure the Torah says that jews are forbidden to have their own land o;