Somewhat Subarctic

By: Nichole Miller                                                                                                                      Period 3


A Dfc climate has a cold, moderate climate, where summer and winter are well defined. The average tempuratuure for the coldest month is >-3° C and the hottest is <10° C. Percipitations is euqally distributed across the year. Dfc's also are cold continental climates without a dry season. Winters are tyically very long will long periods of extreme cold. Permafrost is very common in these areas.


Above is a map of the world that defines areas with Dfc climates and similar ones.  Some places with Dfc climates are Siberia and Icaland.


Above shows average percipitation in Dfc climates. Yearly percipitaiton total is between 250 to 500 mm.

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