fifa coins This World Cup is the world's first broadcast via new media

This World Cup is the world's first broadcast via new media, cheapest fifa 15 coins and cool is the first official video site of the cooperation with the Chinese television network. National of audience can through CCTV of TV live or China network television (CNTV) of network live to watch South Africa World Cup of wonderful program he said, selected cool as cooperation partners, is because cool is domestic well-known of Internet brand, strong teamed up, will played both respective powerful of brand, and technology, and content, and operations and resources, advantage, upgrade two home company of integrated competition capacity, for industry pioneering has new of development mode and innovation ideas he also said, China network television ( CNTV) and internally powerful video websites to provide VOD services based on World Cup matches. "TV broadcast of CCTV, China network TV networks, partner networks and video on-demand, reports will form a powerful force to achieve maximize the spreading effect of the World Cup.