The Western Cordillera was formed in the late Mesozoic and early Cenozoic times about 30-100 million years ago, and is the youngest Landform Region.

Western Cordillera

The Western Cordillera is a beautiful region in Canada that stands along the western coast with warm, hot, rainy, and snowy days, in the summer being cool and the winter with above freezing temperatures. This region was created by North American and Pacific plates colliding together, which caused faulting, and volcanic activity.

The Western Cordillera includes three main sections. The Eastern Mountains have two mountain ranges which are the Rocky Mountains and the Columbia Mountains. The Rocky Mountains also known as "The Rockies"are the youngest mountains in Canada, mostly made of sedimentary rock. Columbia Mountains with the Rocky Mountains being a bit taller are mostly made of sedimentary and metamorphic rock beneath the mountain surface layers.

This region includes many lakes, forests, and oceans (obviously the Pacific Ocean), and alot of mountain ranges, being the most popular the Rocky Mountains. Most people live in farming and mining towns located near river valleys.

The Western Cordillera includes a wide variety of vegetation which can vary's depending on the location. If you are in a place with moist and windward slopes certain plants like Douglas fir, western hemlock, and red cedar can start to sprout and grow tremendous in size. The top of the Western Cordillera (mountains) is tundra. Conditions caused by the icy, snowy, and cold temperatures. Agriculture includes cattle farming and orchid farming.

The Western Cordillera has a lot of forestry witch is the biggest industry in the region, also agriculture and mining for minerals in the interior mountains, and the Rocky Mountains.

Fishing is very popular especially along the Western coast for Salmon. British Columbia, well-known for outdoor activities such as fishing, skiing and hiking. Mount Washington, is very famous for snowboarding and its original wildlife such as cougars, bears, moose, deer, wolves and much more. Many parks, spectacular views, and beautiful sceneries can be found near the Eastern Mountains.

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