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General Communication

General communication is when you either talk, email or text someone. General communication is used every day as people are quite social. In an office you might use cultural differences as they will commonly be people from various different cultures and these people might discuss their differences about what they believe in.

Tone would be used in an office as some people may not know when you’re upset or happy and tone shows them both. An office worker would need to be careful with their accuracy as other worker might look up to you expecting you to be correct with accuracy. Accuracy could apply in your work or even when you’re talking.

Impersonal skills

Impersonal skills is when you basically don't talk but instead you do things like signing, lip reading, good use of body language, nodding and many more...Impersonal skills are used regular as this is the way deaf people communication. People that are not deaf would also need to learn this as they might need to find a way of communication with a deaf person and this is how. Body language is a important one as this is a way to show what type of mood your in.

Your in your office and you are meeting a new worker. You wave to the new employee and they wave back using general communication. You approach this new worker and then introduce yourself not facing this people. This person you think is ignoring you. You turn around and repeat yourself. You see the person reading your lips and you think this is strange at first. When you finish talking the employee replies with sign language. Then you realize this person is deaf and you don't understand sign language. What do you do next?

Sign language is important as it is a good way to communicate with people unable to talk. Learning sign language ensures that you would be able to communicate with everyone that shares the same language as you in your workplace. Also sign language would be good to know if you lost your voice for a while this would be another way to communicate.

If you talking to someone that is not great at English and they don't know how to say yes or no in English. You could nod to show the person you understand what their saying or nod to say you agree. You may not be able to talk and nod is a no thinker as you could do that to say yes or turn your head to say no to their question.

Lip reading is good one if someone is deaf. You can read their lips to see what their saying and this is a way of communicating. The person talking would need to talk slower so the other people is able to read their lips without any trouble.

Communication is were you talk, text, sign, email, lip reading or even nodding. Communication is were you because just have a conversation in which ever way you want. There are so many different types of communication and these are verbal, non verbal, written. Now you might ask what is written communication?

Written communication might not be a direct conversation to you however it is a conversation like when you read a book you read the two characters conversation, on in a magazine the a interview giving question from one person and answers from another where they are having a conversation. However these conversation can be to you too as you could email someone or write a letter to someone these are a written conversation.

In a office you might have different ways to communication and one might be through email. You might write to you boss sending them your work then you done or just to ask/ tell them someone. For an example you boss could go away and you might need to remind him/her to do some urgent work. You could send him/her a email and send the work that needs to be done.

Note taking would be a key point when working at a office as note taking could help you with you work. For an example when you in a meeting giving each other ideas, you could write some ideas down and this could help you later with your work.

When you write a email you add a smiley face and this would show how your feeling. For an example if you write "Sorry I will not be in today as I got a cold :(" this shows you emotion in your writing.

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