This image shows the misunderstandings of kids watching there parents struggle.
A recording of all the symbols made by the homeless
This Image shows the struggles of not only a single mother providing for her kids, but how food can't be taken for granted
Businessmen struggling after they lost their jobs
Migrants walking to their next destination but taunted by the fact that they don't have enough money

These pictures represent the hard times of the Great Depression. America for the outside seemed like the place to be, free and the ability to express who you are without limitation of the government, however during the this time, coming to America just increased poverty and limitation. People were struggling to get jobs. Mothers struggled to provide for their children, and fathers struggled with providing for their families. Many people began losing their jobs, families, and eventually homes. With the increase of poverty and a lack of a home, the society during the Great Depression developed a system of symbols just for finding shelter or food or showing where danger is. These times created a mental depression of all people suffering, it was one of the worst times in American history.

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