I made this awesome cloud logo in Inkscape using only circles and squares! I followed this amazing prompt by John-Carlos to make it look like this.


My project prompt was to make a vector logo using Inkscape. I created a cloud logo and followed the steps in the video by John-Carlos. I made it to create another project using Inkscape before i use scratch.


My process was to first make the border and the background. I then created my cloud using three circles and added and adjusted the text to fit the cloud. I faced some problems with uploading to google drive and get the fill and shade right. I overcame this by asking questions and trying to follow the steps in the video.


My next iteration would be making John-Carlos' video tutorial shorter because he babbles and spends time thinking about what to say in the tutorial. I liked seeing my finished product and learning how to use the fill and shade. I would make it better by making the directions simpler because there was a lot of details and directions in the video at once.

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3 years ago

John-Carlos make your videos shorter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;0