Buy A Girl A Unicorn Day

Because unicorns are so much better than steak and blowjobs...

April 15th. Buy a girl a unicorn.*

There's no need to practise unicorn exclusivity - you can buy several girls unicorns, if you like. And you can probably find a few who will adopt any unwanted unicorns from unicorn-phobes (although why you're associating with someone who doesn't like unicorns is beyond me. Go and find new friends.).

But essentially, to balance out the goodness of steak-and-BJ day on March 14th (we love steaks and BJs. But they're a little bloke-centric), you should find a girl you like (as a friend, a partner, a relative, whatever, as long as she's female) and buy her a unicorn. Just to say... hey, I appreciate you.

*It doesn't have to be a real unicorn. Models of unicorns are acceptable, or try browsing Etsy for inspiration. Or adopt a narwhal - they're basically underwater unicorns, right?!

Photo credit: ~Brenda Starr~ via Photopin cc

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