Actual image of the star Acrux.

-Acrux is approximately 321 light-years from Earth.

-Color: Blue-White

-Surface Temperature of Acrux- 22,000°C (40,000°F).

-Acrux's diameter is about 12 million km or 7.3 million miles.


         Derived from the Greek letter Alpha (a), and the Latin word for cross, "crucis", the name Acrux is formed. This star is located at the "bottom" point of the "cross" in the Southern Cross constellation and Acrux is the brightest star in the Crux Southern Cross. Unlike many other stars, Acrux lacks much ancient history and mythology, most likely because of it's position in the sky.

         Acrux is the twelfth brightest star in the entire sky and radiates a white-blue color. Acrux has a magnitude of 7.6 and an absolute magnitude of -4.6.  Magnitude of a star measures the brightness of a star; and, as the magnitude decreases, brightness increases. Meaning that a magnitude of a negative number would make an astronomical object very bright. To compare, the sun has a magnitude of -27, the moon has a magnitude of -13 and Sirius (brightest star in night sky) has a magnitude of -1.46. While, absolute magnitude measures the brightness of a star approximately 32.6 light years away from it.

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