Going one Deeper

Do you know what going one deeper is all about? Probably not...and to be honest, I myself am still searching for the true meaning. Let's take a look at some clips from DJ Hanzel (Dillion Frances' good friend/alter ego) to try to get a better meaning of the phrases "going one deeper," "digging one deeper," and "going von deeper" in their respected senses.

Obviously a few things stick out to viewers who have no clue who DJ Hanzel is, and what he represents. In a nutshell, he is an Eastern European who produces and creates the deepest house beats. He represents what taking music to the next level is all about in his industry, thus creating what is known as "the deepest shit ever." Some you may be wondering if Hanzel makes or likes anything BUT the deepest house music, so lets go one deeper ourselves to find out how he reacts in a Trap environment.

This was important to look at because it offers some kind of limitations to what going one deeper is all about. Clearly, Hanzel hates Trap for the obvious reasons that be explained through a good answer to this question: what is deep about a loud drop in the bass? If anything, its just a long pause in the song, where that track time could have been better served taking the synth one deeper.

Figuring out the true meaning of going deeper takes time, energy, and true dedication to exploring how to take our own work one deeper. This can be done in many ways, and is in no way a trivial task, but a maddening one. Lets take a look at what going too deep is like....

I offer this as a warning to those who are obsessive and overly compulsive to not free-fall into deepness. Take this task on in strides that lead you to ultimately making the deepest shit ever. How you apply these teaching to yourself is entirely up to you and should only be taken for what its worth upon your own viewing. Your reaction to these videos will more than likely range from comical to slightly annoyed so I offer this entire analysis as a means of reading between the lines. By actually viewing this content deeper, we can find valued meaning to these phrases and apply them to ourselves. I offer this last clip as means of inspiration, and as a starting point in finding your own definitions.

In light of DJ Hanzel - good luck my schnitzels

*Please note that these videos are not my own and are taken from Dillon Frances' Instagram account.

-Telep Out