Text Structures

For the 4th and 3rd Graders

How to bookmark a page

Do you want to bookmark a page, Alrighty then you should listen to me.

1.Go to the page you want to bookmark.

2.Then press the little star in the top right corner.

3.Next name it what whatever you want.

4. Finally click done.

How to make a folder in Google drive.

Would you like to know how to make a folder on Google drive, if you do then you came to the right guy. You're probably telling yourself why you would want to make a folder, here’s the answer, to organize your documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

1. go to your Google drive.

2. Press create.

3. go down to folder.

4. press it.

5. (right click then go down to “change color” to change the color.)

Chromebook vs. Ipads

I’m here to tell you about Chromebooks and Ipads how they're awesome and terrible.

Chromebooks can be bad and good, like they can surf the web easily that pretty good because you probably use the internet a lot. Another thing is it’s good for school by going on the internet, Google classroom, and your blog. The last thing it’s good for is emailing, like emailing friends to work on a project, emailing teachers, and your parents. But there are a couple downsides to a Chromebook like not as mobile, so if you want to take on trips it’ll be harder to because it’s bigger. Another thing is it’s harder to use by you can't right click as easily because theirs only one button on the bottom so you have to click with two fingers. The third thing is theirs not a big variety of apps so you can’t get a lot of apps. Finally the last bad thing is it’s A LOT harder to take a picture because you have to go to your app and then press the little camera.  

Now I’m talking about Ipads, and a good thing about them are there really mobile. Another thing is it can get apps, so you can get games and stuff. The third thing is theirs a better variety of apps, so you get get more kinds of games. Finally the last good thing is it’s really easy to take a picture. Some bad things are it can’t get on the internet easily. The second thing is it can’t email. The last thing is it’s not as fast on internet from my experiences.

Some of things they have in common are there both technology because it’s better than paper and pencil. Another thing is they're both fun to work on!

Blogging issues

Here is an example of what NOT to do if your blogging or any social use.

Let’s say Bertha and Sally were best friends, but on October 5 they got into a fight about the best perfume. The next day Bertha posts something on her blog that says,”Sally is crazy, because she thought strawberry was the best perfume.”Then on October 7 Bertha and Sally become friends by agreeing on the best perfume. The next day Sally sees the post. Finally Bertha and Sally never became friends again.

What I’m trying to say here is don’t overreact and and make something you don't want anybody to see.

Internet problems

Have you have ever had problems with internet and you want to find some answers to solve it, alrighty then you probably should listen to me.

Problem: Let’s say Nate is in Mrs. Williams class he was the smartest in the class. On rainy day Mrs. Williams gave the class a worksheet on the Chromebooks, and because of the rain Nate and the other kids couldn't get on the internet. But Mrs. Williams didn't know what to do, and neither did Nate.

Solution: Finally after 20 minutes Nate thought of an idea. Nate told Mrs. Williams “We should use paper and pencil.”So Mrs. Williams thought that was a good idea. Then they had to use paper for the rest of the day.

All About Chromebooks

When you get your Chromebooks you need to know some stuff about them.

Some things you should know about Chromebooks is there lightweight and fragile and comes with a pretty awesome carrying case with a pocket for your charger. Some tips to do stuff faster if to scroll you go up and down with two fingers, to move from tab to tab you do a four finger swipe, and to right click you use two fingers and click.

I going to tell you how school is Chromebooks. It’s faster because we don’t have to rent the laptop cart,go to the computer lab, or go get paper and pencil. It’s more fun because we use technology and not paper and pencil. It’s better because we can email parents, and teachers if we don’t get something on homework.

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