The Stick and Puck country was created by Wayne Gretzky in 1999.  

The religion of Stick and Puck is hockey.  You have to play hockey before and after school for 2 hours.  On Sunday the Stick and Puck people all gather in the  ice rinks all over the country for hockey games all day.  Hockey is the one and only religion of the Stick and Puck people.  The "Pope" of the Stick and Puck people is Wayne Gretzky himself.  Wayne Gretzky is also the President. 

The Economy of the Stick and Puck country is booming and is doing very well since it was founded.  Ice Hockey keeps the money coming  because of all the other countries like the United States, Sweden, Russia and Canada spend money to see hockey games and buy hockey products.  The currency of the Stick and Puck is US Dollars.  

The Stick and Puck Country protects itself with its military and doesn't have allies so it doesn't get forced into a war.  The Stick and Puck Military is one of the best in the world next to the United States Military.

The Food in Stick and Puck is very healthy but in the rinks its the opposite.  The restaurants are really healthy and don't serve anything with 35g of salt or sugar.  The rink food is very fattening and has a lot of sugar and salt.

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