NCGP Graduation Project; The Psychological Relationship Between Teachers and Students.

This Product is a correlation graph between teacher & students and factors that may affect the grade and the relationship.

Here is my product approval form.

Why I chose this product.

I chose to do a product on the psychological relationship between teacher and student because I have a strong interest in education and psychology. With certain psychological triggers and educational methods learning can be easier and quicker for students and possibly more cost efficient.


I have recorded 3 interviews with teachers already and plan to record more from the teachers side and students. I am unable to provide any of the interviews until at least halve of them are done in order to have a solid product.

From many of the interviews i can say there is a general trend between the interviews so far only one has held a different view but it in general held the same points. Throughout these interviews i have also learned new and interesting things from the teachers i have interviewed. Also when supplied with information about ways that may help the classroom the teachers have shown a general interest in the methods.

Interview Questions for teacher

Marcus Moss


Questions for Teachers


    1. Would you say there is a Direct Correlation between a student and teacher’s relationship and the student’s grade?

    2. Do you believe there are ways through the student teacher relationship to improve and help a student in learning?

    3. Do you believe there are ways through the student teacher relationship that can hinder a students learning?

    4. On the opinion of most preferable student what type of student do you prefer? A) Quiet Student B) Loud Student C) Student who ask Questions D) Student who does nothing E) Student who does work alone and does not ask questions

    5. What factors do you believe impede you as a teacher?

    6. What factors do you believe impede students from learning?

    7. If a breakthrough psychology research on teachers and students showed a way to help students learn quicker and retain it longer would you implement it?

    8. Students who chew the same flavor gum while studying and when taking the test are said to remember the information easier while taking the test. Do you see this as cheating or something else?

    9. Some studies show that homework does not actually help but rather hinders students by causing extra stress for them. How do you view this study and how would you respond in teaching if homework was no longer able to be given?

    10. Do you believe that there is favoritism in some classes by a teacher? Do you believe that this favoritism by the teacher affects how well the student learns?

    11. Do you believe that there is favoritism by students? Do you believe that this favoritism affects how the students learn?

    12. Many of these questions are circumstantial and opinionated do you believe that these may be more common factors throughout teaching or less likely?

    13. In your opinion do you believe that a teacher can better succeed in being a teacher through knowing the subject thoroughly or being able to communicate to the students easier?

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