Journal Entry #3: Politics/ Economy/ Society

It is very strategic and is actually works well. After the isolation the farmers increased production and I guess it became more of a booming economy. Road improvements financed by the daimyo helped increase trade. The population increased in urban centres.
They wanted to live in a society that embodied thing that were important to them. They wanted peace, safety, and security. They wanted Harmony, respect, and a sense that everyone has his or her place.Leisure of time and opportunities for personal expression and enjoyment of the they arts, sports, entertainment, and crafts.
Social Structures:
People could not move from the social class they born into. They were not encouraged to think for themselves. There was little personal freedom, such as the freedom of expression. Bandits, Robbers, and pirates soon became common in most countries. THe Tokugawa shogunate effectively discouraged this behaviour in Japan.

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