By: Felicity England

What did Confucius want? Confucius wanted children, friends, husbands, wives, and families to respect their elders. Confucius also said " Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself." Confucius wanted you to learn from your elders. To treat everyone equally.

What is an elder? An elder can be all different things and can do all different things. So for example, in this photo there is a child opening the door  for his elder. I feel like in this photo the boy is looking up to his elder by helping him.

What is Yin and Yang? Yin is the side that is negative and dark. Yang is the side that is positive and bright. I like to think of it as night (yin), and day (yang).

What is the Confucius water symbol and what does it do? The water symbol, is one of the five elements in the Chinese philosophy. what does the water symbol do, it is a life source. I think the water symbol is their way of writing that they want water.   

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