Dmitri Mendeleev

Dmitri Mendeleev was born in Siberia in 1834 and introduced the first periodic table in 1869.

Mendeleev's periodic table

*Mendeleev arranged the 63 elements he knew onto his periodic table based on atomic mass.

*He was able to predict the properties of unknown elements.

*based on his periodic table he wrote a textbook called the Principals of Chemistry.

*Mendeleev arranged the groups and rows, opposite to their placement on the modern day periodic table.

*Mendeleev spend 13 years collecting data from other scientists to create his nearly perfect periodic table.


fun facts

*the element mendelevium was named after Mendeleev.
*studied at the Central Pedagogical Institute in St. Petersburg.

*he traveled from St. Petersburg to France and Germany for graduate study.

*became a professor of chemistry at the Technology Institute.

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