Moment in Time

The Kite Runner

My entire childhood, I forced myself.

Wondering pain, my head was pounding.

Looking forward to, everyone stay.

My entire life, serve as a guide.

Self-righteous people were wasting their time.

I struggled to find the right words.

But despite, to carry out justice, eyes searched.

Lurking beneath the surface, I tried.

Go anywhere, everywhere, so tired, drained.

Moments, descended from the mountains.

I, had broken a spell.

Success, I have seen the place,

Nothing was free in this world.

Turned away, proved them all.

Finally, I felt at peace.

This poem relates to the book, The Kite Runner, in multiple ways. As Amir was growing up, he always fought for his father's attention and affection. He searched for his father’s love and surely found it when he won the kite battle, graduated college, took care of him when he battled cancer, and did all the things he could to make his father proud. Along with his childhood, he hunted for someone to love and who would love him back. Finally he found Soraya in America. With the line, “Proved them all.”, “all” is the thoughts Amir had. Thinking he would never find love, make anyone proud again, and fix his wrong doings. After all the searching and suffering, Amir finally felt at peace. Through all Amir’s trials and tribulations, he finally felt at ease with his life. All his past was behind him and he was happy with all the lessons he had learned and who he turned out to be.

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