Mexico: War Against Narcotrafficing Groups

Major cartels in Mexico include Sinaloa Federation (blue), Los Zetas (red), Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion (green), and Knights Templar (yellow). These groups are so troublesome because they are deeply routed in the government. Combined, the cartels gross revenues from drugs has risen approximately 5 to 10 billion dollars annually (The Cartel). Some of this money is used to bribe government officials and officers, those who would not take the bribe would be threaten or killed. In the last five years, cartel have assiacated 32 officials, and 83 police officers, their motto was silver or lead (The Cartel).

Other Countries Involved

All the cartels talked about above have contact with the United States. Sinaloa deals to almost of all of Central America aswell. Los Zetas also deals to nine different countries (Mexico Cartel). The United States have recently widen their role in the war against the cartel sending new C.I.A. Operatives to Mexico (Thompson).

Their President, Felipe Calderón (above), has made a number of reforms to crack down on the cartels to better Mexico (The Cartel). He made these by follow his three step strategy: creating a new federal police force, rebuilding state forces, and allowing them to discredit municipal police (The Cartel). In doing this Calderón realized that he needed to reform the judicial system.


Though there are many causes of the problem in Mexico. Mexican Ambassabor Carlos Rico blames the United States. He says, "So as long as that demand is there and the impressive possibility of amazing profits of illegal operators and criminal organizations, it is going to be pretty much impossible for Mexico to solve the issue" (Mexico's Drug). However, at this point, putting blame on people or countries will not help the problem.

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In response to a death in 2006 this song was made to confront the Zetas who were responsible for the death.

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