Oil Spill Math Project

Total Area of oil spill: 1711,975 m squared

I approached this problem buy drawing squares, rectangles, and triangles to break it up into smaller shapes so it can be easier to find the area. Then measured and found the area for each shape and them added up all the areas of all the shapes and found the total area of the oil spill.

That is all of my work from this project i multiplied the sides of the shapes and got the answer to those and then i multiplied them by 15 to get the area for each shape.

This is a picture on how i split up the oil spill into shapes so i can find the area

1. I do not think that the area of this is exact of the oil spill because some shapes are a bit bigger than the oil spill.

2. I think the area is bigger than the actual spill because some shapes are bigger than the actual oil spill.

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