Key Action 1 - Erasmus + programme

The name "Treed Life" is composed by two words: the first is the mix between the word "third" and "tree" because our main goal is to foster the grow of this particular "Tree" starting from the comprehension of the roots, analysing its bole in order to flourish. The second word is "Life" to underline that to work in this field for a lot of people is life and we have to care about it and understand the important role of the third sector in the European development strategy.

Description of the project

In this scenario where the NGOs and Cooperative enterprises are growing, the third sector is the new work field for young people with competences in project management, non formal education, international cooperation and community development.

"Treed Life" will be a seminar with experts and young people from different organizations in order to reflect about what is the third sector, what are the needs and which are the tools useful to analyze it and develop it. The main objective is to foster the quality in the youth organizations. The topics will be the needs,the law, and economic tools of the organizations belonging to the third sector, in particular the one working in the youth filed. The aims are to provide tools to analyze it and what means to work in this field and how many different kind of job profiles are in that. We will produce a video to disseminate the project and a final document where we will collect the basic lines about the link between third sector and law, economy, group dinamics, need analysis and work tools in an intercultural and inclusive frame. The seminar will be concluded with some workshops to define possible future cooperations and trainings fostering a strong follow-up of the project itself, in every topic tickled during the seminar.

The aim is to start a virtuous process to professionalize and develop the youth organizations of the third sector and to create a network of organizations that will cooperate in a long term prospective on this topic becaming a resource also for the other organizations all over Europe who wants to grow in this field.

When and where will be this seminar?

The Giosef Italy association promote this European seminar of 7 days (with travel days) in Enna (Sicily) from 12th March to the 18th of March 2015 named "Treed Life" in cooperation with Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Portugal, Spain and Poland involving 6 people from each Country for a total number of 50 people including staff and facilitators. The accomodation costs are covered by the project, the travel costs are reimbursed following the table below (see the question "what about the reimbursement?")

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Do you want to participate?

write or talk with the person in charge for the organization in your Country, find him/her in the list below:

  • Hungary:

And what about the reimbursement?

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