Letter of recommendation #trevizoEOY2

To whomever may consern

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Nathanile Tinell. I recommend Mr. Tinell for your clinic as head physicists. I am Michael "Rabbit" Gardea lead guitar and second vocolest of Concealed Flare the way I met Mr. Tinell was him and I were very close friends back in high school shortly after graduation we split lost contact I went big with my band and so on. Well I came across some problems I had some disclosed issues and I need a physicists and funny enough I found him he has helped me to the extreme I am grateful for his strange but helpful methods and further more he has helped much more his kind heart and careing excited ears make him perfect for this job his experience with people previously has given him a name in lights his skills to read your feelings just by looking in your eyes helps tremendously so with out further more I highly recommend Mr.Tinell as head physicists I know Mr.Tinell will be perfect for the position at hand if you have anymore questions plz don't hesitate to call me at (915)-222-3767 or email at Rabbitsarelife@gmail.com thank you


Michael Gardea