Ferdinand Magellan

Sailing Since 1519

Back round

Magellan was very young when his parents died and he lived with another family member he was 10. Also about when his parents died he started to work as a page for the queen. He was very gifted and smart and he had promise. He and his crew were very religious and wanted to spread the word of god. and when he was growing up he studied cartography and that's using compasses and map making and other stuff like that. Magellan born 1480 to 1521.

Ferdinand Magellan's Achievements/Discoveries

he became the first European to cross the pacific he discovered a en route known as the Magellan strait. He also named the largest ocean in the world known as the Pacific Ocean. And the reason why he named it that was because Pacific means calm and peaceful Ocean. Also he stopped a mutiny against him and only the ring leader got punished for plotting against him.Magellan also sailed with five ships, which only 2 returned.

Impact on the world today

Magellan discovered the spice islands and for Portugal that has to be very important. he also named the worlds biggest ocean. He is also credited with the worlds first circumnavigation providing information or evidence that the Earth is indeed round  


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Magellans life

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