Civil War Journal

By Memphis Hernandez

Journal #1 Goodbye Letter

Dear Mom

I wish I can be at home with you but I cant because I'm at the middle of the war battle.

I would still member you mom but I would be at the war for 3 month. Mom be safe Goodbye.

Journal #2 (Bio of your life leading up to the war)

I born in Mississippi. I live with my family. I still play soccer with my friends in the army. My favorite food is potato with gravy.  I have brother and a sister. They are 10 and 9 years old. When I was little I use to play video games.  My house is to small but we have a farm my dad work in the farm.  My dad take care of animals and making weeds and corn vegetables. I work in the factory, I make weapons for the Confederates.

Journal #3

Dear Mom,

I meet a boy name Jeremiah. He told me about his life I want to let you know. Jeremiah's brother  fought with the confederacy.


Edward Bale

Journal #5

Verse 1-  Little, Little, Little Drum. How I tap you all night long.

Verse 2- With my sticks I make your sound.

Verse 3- As I walk across the ground.

Chorus: Little, Little, Little Drum. How I tap you all night long.

Journal #4

Dear Mom,

We sit around the camp life , and we sit quietly in the campfire. We actually put tents in the campfire to sleep.

Some officer held as many as five separate drill session in each day.  The first thing in the morning is drill.  During the brief periods when drill was dismissed, the soldiers and me we had a full list of chores to keep them busy.  In my punishment they put me barrel shirt if I  leave the camp without permission.  The other soldiers teach me how to shoot aim and run faster then crouch.  


Edward Bale


Dear David

I play baseball. We are wearing the same uniform. Towns people watch us and stand in the out field. We didn't have seats for the people.     


Most of the soldiers are dying by Diarrhea. Some guys are losing lots of weight because the food is bad and it makes them sick. Some soldiers had a bad fever. When I went to the hospital they were lots of soldiers getting there arms cut off because they were shot. I hope doesn't happen to me.


Hi Mom,

It was sunny outside. I don't hear gun shots anymore. I help my mom with dinner and cleaning the house.  My slaves are free that's why I'm cleaning and cooking at the house. I'm healing my left leg from the union shots. I'm still at the hospital and I have to stay for two days. I hope you can come home soon. I'll take care of your family.

See you soon,

Edward Bale

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