"White Fang"
Jack London
Name: Shoham Ben-Noon

Identity Card


Name: Kiche

Height: Tow and half feet

Weight: 18kg

Job: Hunter

Hobbies: Eating.

Favorite food: Meat.

Thinds she like least: To be hungry.

Dream for the future: Have a family.


The story "White Fang" took place in the wild northern part of Canada. This part of land is frozen with some forests and it serves as home to some kind of of animals including wolves.

I don't know when the story was, but I think it was at least 100 years ago.

The quote that helped me understand this is: "moving along frozen snow in the wild northern part of Canada".


The confilct began when the owner of Kiche and her cub, White Fang, owed money to another Indian. Instead of giving him moeny he gave him piece of red cloth, tewnty shotd for his gun, skin of a beaver and Kiche. White Fang was still a young wolf and he wasn't used to living without his mother. He also needed to survive by himself and take care himself without the protection and help of his mother.

As a result of this White Fang decided to go find his mother and his journey began.

If I was instead of him I guess I would do the same thing or complete with the situation and learn to surive.


The climax of the story is when White Fang came to a new village during is jorney. In this village he had a suprise, his mother, Kiche was there with her little, new cubs. White Fang was very happy but soon he was dissapointed, his mother didn't remember him and even attacked him. At this moment White Fang understood that now it is just him against the world and he started his journey of survival.

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