3 Great Things!

Welcome to 2014! Here are some Great things from WCC Distance Ed!
January 8, 2014

Great Thing #1- Picture from: www.edsurge.com

3 Great Things to Kick-Off 2014

Great Thing #1

The new year always brings a list of new tools to enhance learning. Take a look at this list for some excellent new ways to use technology to enhance learning- and best of all the tools on this list are all free! Counting Down to the Top S'Cool Tools for 2013 has tools for math support, video-based quiz creation, math and science challenges and geography based lessons across a great range of topics that you can use in 2014! Give it a try and let us know which ones work for you.

Great Thing #2

Moodle Spell-Check is gone! What will we do now? No problem. Most browsers , including Firefox, provide an automatic text editor for you. To test it, add a Page to your Moodle classroom, in the content block type something you know is spelled wrong- you'll see the red squiggle line indicating an error. Now type something spelled correctly, no squiggle line.

Great Thing # 3

Part of being successful students, and teachers for that matter, is knowing what works in dealing with stress, deadlines, and other challenges. One great strategy is creating a personal "User Guide". Here's an article that explains how one high school teacher implemented a User Guide assignment: Writing and Thinking Through the Student User's Guide Assignment. It's definitely an assignment that is easily adapted to community college students.

Bonus Great Things!

Vocabulary.com is a free vocabulary building resource which tailors itself to learner needs. Answer questions and the application predicts and then teaches words the user likely doesn't know. I tested it and was quite impressed. A great tool for learners of any level.

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