Move to the Middle Colonies!

                                   Come here the weather is Great!!!!

You should move to the Middle Colonies because its not to hot or cold so you can do the summer and winter actives. You would be living on the coast and land side so you would have plenty of water and space to grow crops.

                            The Food

The Middle Colonies is know for its bread making basket to eat and carry. You make money off of the grains, corn, and wheat you grow. Having food to grow and make money off of you would have a stable food supply and money to trade with.

                               Map it!

The climate in the Middle Colonies is good its never to hot or cold. Its also moderate. So you will never be dripping sweat of freezing cold.


The agriculture in the Middle Colonies is good because of the money that is earned by the grains, corn, and wheat. Its known as the "Breadbasket colonies".

                         The Industry

They would use horses to ship stuff different places. Some of the stuff they used to make money off of was iron, cattle, and grains.

              So are you going to move to the Middle Colonies?

By: Emily Norris

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