Joseph Williams

My Favorite Class Band

Band is a class where you will learn rules for music and rules to playing an instrument.

My Favorite Food is The Hot Dog

Every time I go somewhere where a hot dog is available, I try to get one.

My Favorite Book is The Cay

Even though I read it just last year, it is the best book I've read.

My Favorite Movie is Mr. Holland's Opus

Mr. Holland's Opus is an excellent film. The protagonist is a band director new to teaching and all he wants to do is compose. When more and more things come up, his schedule goes from writing music to only teaching it.

My Favorite Band is The Beatles

The Beatles would be my favorite band because they are the only band in my opinion that did not have a bad song.

My Favorite Hobby is Collecting Bottle Caps

I started collecting about 2 years ago and I have about 80 different bottle caps.

My Favorite TV Show is Adam-12

Adam-12's characters are Pete Malloy and Jim Reed. Jim is a rookie and Pete has been in the force for over 10 years. Pete shows Jim the ropes of the force and teaches him how to deal with idiocy.

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