Daniel Earles


Tiger in a Cage

This tiger was at the Cameron Park Zoo. Because most tiger species are endangered, many of them have to be locked up in zoos. I think this image speaks a lot for the fate of the tiger, and how keeping it captured is the only way for it to survive


This picture was taken in Victoria Atkinson's backyard at about sunset. There's a very noticeable contrast between the bright light and the dark shadows of the trees, and you get to see all the tiny twigs and branches that you may not have noticed in a regular light.

Wild Berries

These berries aren't actually that wild, since they were found behind a house in Woodway. But they are the central focus of the picture, and since they are the only blue in a forest of green and brown, it really makes them stand out.

Swampy River

This "Swampy River" was taken maybe 500 meters from somebody's home in Woodway. Sometimes the coolest pictures aren't that far away.

The White Branch

Besides that green leaf sticking out on the right, this picture has a cool, almost weird chiaroscuro art scheme to it that you normally can't find naturally in this type of setting. Originally, I was trying to take a picture of a spiderweb, but I'm happy with this result.

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