Career Research Project

Cole Clementz

Necessary job skills

* Communication skills

*Strong work Ethic

* Strong interpersonal skills

                                                               Education requirements

* High school diploma


Bradley University  

This college is located in Peoria,  IL. This college is only located 1 hour and half away from where I live. This college is an independent university.  They are offering undergraduate students and graduate students. The campus has 5,700 students and staff at this school. This school is known for its excellent  teaching. This school has a good soccer team.

"If you want things done right then you just do them yourself"   My mother

My uncle is my role model. My uncle is a great guy.  He is a hard worker. He is a great person in general has great attitude. He will never let you down. He has great advice if you need to talk to him for anything. He always has his ears open to what you have to say and will tell yo what he thinks and you can take the advice or not. He likes to farm and I help him out sometimes in the shop or around the barn yard but not in the fields.


                                                              Quotation Sandwich

The author is trying to say that you have to want to sell a house otherwise you won't.

“You have to be flexible and find the perfect balance. Everyone’s balance is a little different."  (Dittmann 1).  The quote is important because if you don't want to sell a house and explain the house and show it to the customer then you won't be successful. If you want to sell a house and talk to the customer and explain to them about the house then you are doing good. Being a good Realtor means communicating with the buyer about the house features issues etc. To be honest.

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