Shooter Suspct May Target More Officers

By Holly Yan, Greg Botelho and Chelsea J. Carter, CNN

Published/Updated: Fri September 19, 2014

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31-year-old Eric Matthew Frein is most likely causing the death of two Pennsylvania State Police troopers. His background says that he has major problems with law enforcement, and was displeased by the outcome of society because of it. He had been seen with a mohawk-style haircut as a sign of rebellion. Officers suspect that he is in hiding, and George Bivens states that "if you are cowering in some cool damp place, we are coming for you. It is only a matter of time until we bring you to justice for committing these cowardly acts." Paranoia has spread throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, with no one letting their guard down. This is because of a recent killing where Cpl. Bryan Dickson had just left his shift, when suddenly, he was shot by a gunman multiple times. Sadly, Dickson died of his wounds. His father had also been spoken to by the CNN news crew. He had commented on Frein's enrollment in a high school rifle club. He had also said, when Frein shoots, his father told authorities, he "doesn't miss." Pennsylvanians hope that justice will finally be served and that they can live in safer lifestyles.

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This passage shows the importance of rights in the modern news. Frein does not have the right to express his disgust of law enforcement by taking the lives of officers of the law. This not only affects the officers, but the surrounding communities will look down on him in the same way. Bivens had said that "it is only a matter of time until we bring you to justice for committing these cowardly acts." Serving justice also implies that only certain rights go to certain people. Liberty has also played a role in this scenario. The safety of the residents of Pennsylvania is a inalienable liberty; preserving this will lead to an ultimate calm and the level of this conflict between Frein and officers will diminish if the people are kept safe.

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