Recognize the characteristics of a genuine topaz

Topaz is one that includes high-quality stone. That's because this stone has a hardness on the Mohs scale figure 8. In Indonesia, topaz is often also referred to as rubies cempaka, stone daud some even refer to it as rock Selong. If in ancient times people only know this stone in yellow, but it turns the color of the stone is very diverse. There are brown (smoky topaz), pink, blue and others purple. There is also a topaz stone that has 2 colors (bi-color).

A lot of people who hunt this one precious stone topaz because it has a variety of unique. The uniqueness of the first will appear on the agate topaz with super quality, which is usually the rock emits a very bright luster. besides crystal topaz with this super quality seemed clear. Another uniqueness of this stone if touched will feel slippery.

The next uniqueness is that if you rub it with hard rock, the rock will be able to emit sparks or static electricity. Uniqueness makes the price of these stones are also more expensive.

Topaz stone has become abundantly mined worldwide. Most raw topaz stones are found in large sizes that weighs up for kilometers gram. Due to the increasing number of sellers of this topaz gemstones you should be increasingly vigilant when buying precious stones.

Because if you do not selective might then you will get a poor quality rock or even just going to get fake topaz. So do not be tempted by low prices because of topaz with good quality are quite expensive so you should identify the characteristics of the original topaz.

Original source: ciri batu topaz asli

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