Black history project

Nelson Mandela was born on was July 18 1918 in Mveso Transkei, South Africa. Mandela was born in a royal line in Thembu tribe. His name was Rolihala. HE was the first person to recieve a proper education. IN 1939 they were sent home participating in a boycott. Mandela was the first African President in Africa. He joined the Africa congress in 1942. Mandela was one a Nobel Peace Prize because of his great leadership. Nelson Mandela was in prison for 26 years. Nelson Mandela died of cancer in 2011 at 95.

Mandela was strong and courageous. He taught people how to lead and respect  another Mandela was a great leader and new what freedom and rights were all about. He taught a fallen nation to get up and stand.  Even though he died his great legacy still lives on.  HE fought for freedom for all the people in South, Africa.

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