"The Most Beautiful of the Gorgons Who Turned Ugly"

This was Medusa before she turned into an ugly creature. Beautiful Right?

And ap

Medusa was born in Greece, but may now be in local places. Here is some info. on her. Medusa was once a beautiful woman who was once popular for her beautiful locs. She has changed now. Medusa is one of the three of her two Gorgons sister. Of her two sisters only she was immortal. You may have seen her in  Athena's temple. Medusa used to be a priestess of Athena who is the godess of wisdom, and let herself be seduced by Poisedon who is known as "god of the sea". Medusa has run away and we need her back! Athena turned Medusa into a snake-headed creature for revenge because she was caught making love in her temple just a couple of days ago. This was a major sign of disrespect. Now that she is a snake-headed hideous creature, one of her powers is her turning men into stone. Anyone who gazes at her or stares into her eyes, turns into stone. Oh yeah, do not get to close to them snakes! This is one of her major weapons! The blood from Meduses' head is known to have unknown magical powers. If anyone sees this hideous creature/monster, please report this back to Athena and her knight guards.

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