How will This Unit Work?!

Instructions for how you will learn during Unit 2

This unit is very different from anything we have done before. You will be working at your own level and your own pace. Please use this as a guide for how the unit will run.

The Materials:

Every day you will be expected to have the following materials at your work station:

  • A Computer
  • Headphones (I have two pairs you can borrow, but please try to bring your own!)
  • Graphing Calculator
  • Paper and pencil

Daily Expectations:

A good goal would be to complete a new lesson each day. Some lessons may take you longer than others and that's ok, but try your best to stay on track. You can always finish a lesson during advisory or at home for homework!

It is my expectation that you will be working and focused every day. You will have access to many resources that will help you learn the material. Please use all of them!

Completing a Lesson:

Each lesson will have a video, practice problems, and a piece of evidence. In order to move on to the next lesson you will need to complete all of these things. If you get a NY on the evidence you will need to continue working on the lesson until you are able to master it.

The Videos:

The videos can all be found on the edpuzzle website. You will watch the video that corresponds to your lesson and answer the questions in the video.

The Practice Problems:

Each lesson will have a link to specific practice problems (and answers). You can find them on my website. You do not need to do every problem! Just enough to master the skill. Once you feel like you have mastered the skill (you are consistently getting the problems correct), you can move on. Please do not just keep doing problems! That is a waste of time... move on to more challenging things!

However, if you are struggling with the material and would like extra help there are a few things you can do:

  1. Complete the corresponding KnowRe Lesson (they have additional videos and will walk you through the steps)
  2. Ask a friend who is on a more advanced level for help.
  3. Ask me for help.

The Evidence:

Each lesson will have a link to a piece of evidence. You can also find this on my website. Only take the evidence when you feel ready!

getting an NY on an Evidence:

If you get an NY on a piece of evidence. It's ok! First bring your work to me so we can figure out where you went wrong.

From there you should:

  1. Try some more practice problem.
  2. Complete the corresponding KnowRe Lesson (they have additional videos and will walk you through the steps)
  3. Ask a friend who is on a more advanced level for help.
  4. Ask me for more help.

Redoing Evidence

When you feel ready... and only when you feel ready! Come see me to redo the evidence.

How many Lessons Do I need to Complete to finish the Unit?

You must show mastery of Lessons 1-9.

What do I do WHen I've Completed all the Required Lessons?

Take a Unit 2 Post Assessment! It will consist of a mix of skills. All the problems will be former regents questions. See Emily when you feel ready!

Ok I'm done. What's Next?

You're ready for the more advanced lessons and possibly some Algebra 2 material!

Go to "Lesson 2.10 - Advanced Work" on Emily's website and complete the suggested lessons. This work will count as additional evidence and will be one way to get an ES for Outcome #10.

When is this due?

You must be completely done with Unit 2 by December 23rd. When we return to school in January we will be starting a new unit as a whole class.

If you do not finish this unit before Intensives begin, you must finish it on your own time.

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