1. The story starts with Victor Frankenstein  chasing the monster and the crew of a ship finding him almost dead. Victor tells them the story of him creating the monster. Once Victor creates the monster he is scared by the way the monster looks. Victor leaves the monster, hoping to not see him again. The monster kills three people though out the story. He did this in revenge of Victor not making him a female monster. Victor then seeks out to destroy the monster which brings us back to the beginning of the book.

2. Victor changes over the course of the novel from an innocent youth fascinated by the prospects of science into a disillusioned, guilt-ridden man determined to destroy the fruits of his arrogant scientific endeavor.

The monster is Victor Frankenstein’s creation, assembled from old body parts and strange chemicals, animated by a mysterious spark. He enters life eight feet tall and enormously strong but with the mind of a newborn. Abandoned by his creator and confused, he tries to integrate himself into society, only to be shunned

3. Themes that we found through the book was Prejudice- people judged the monster based on looks before they got to know the monster .Revenge- the monster got back at Victor because of his decisions and the way monster was judged by other people. Isolation-Victor left the monster after he created him so the monster was all by himself during most if not all of the story.

4. Walton is looking for a new passage to the Pacific Ocean by going through the North Pole. He is doing this because of the desire burning in him to accomplish “some great purpose.” This relates to the romantic era because he is doing it for himself instead of society. In the second letter, Walton morns over his lack of friends. He feels lonely and isolated, too sophisticated to find comfort in his shipmates and too uneducated to find a sensitive soul with whom to share his dreams. This goes back to how the romantic era was about individuals. In the third letter, Walton tells his sister that his ship has set sail and that he has full confidence that he will achieve his goal. He is thinking about himself and his goal, which goes to where it is about the individuals.The Romantic background draws her to state that technology is evil; it is man who must control the technology, not the technology controlling man. The monster’s emotions start to get to him when he is stealing their food and he feels guilty about it and he tries to find out why they are unhappy and he also tries to learn the language and that how I think it connects to the Romantic era.

5. A Lament by Percy Bysshe Shelley

6. This painting relates to Frankenstein by the constant fighting between Victor and the monster.   

7. The book was ok it was a little confusing with the way it was worded and it was also a little hard to understand. Other than the way it was worded it was good. Victor  created the monster and he could have controlled how the monster could have looked instead of being scared of it when it became alive that was one thing I did not like along with Victor not creating a female monster, but was trying to look out for society. I would have liked it if he had caught the monster because I think that it would have been interesting what Victor would do to kill the monster.

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