Appearance of the Animal:

Big red has two claws and ten   legs and two antennas and they are crustaceans

This animal's habitat:

They are found in all of the worlds oceans and even freshwater

Where in the world does this animal live?

They are off the coast of Nova Scotia in Canada  

What is this animal's prey?

The animals prey is fish sea stars sea urchins even other lobster s

Who or what are this animal's predators?

Lobsters are eaten by largefish.lobsers are eaten by other lobsters and also people

An interesting fact about this animal:

the lobster population is decreasing because people are catching them

Another interesting fact about this animal:

if a lobsters leg falls of it can regenerate and after it regenerates it has its leg back

Another interesting fact about this animal:

lobsters can be different colers they can be blue and red and yellow